13. January 2012

Budget for nothing and tools for free

At my Excel course today I re-learned how to budget my income in order to live expensively free of red marked debt bricks.  The other day I saw 2012 from our local TV, does a shifting planet give a shiit about my new excel sheet?  Probably yes, as it is all numbers under me and holding my shit in the pants to plant trees for next year going on 00001 from parcels of earth links to blue prints of watery tanks filled not with the generals of somber but rather the punks of slander.  How easy to grow up knowing you are the chosen one to lead the way or follow your sister up the slivery path, but how boring the life where all yet is known and the only tickles left, are those from your eyes in pain of squinting the muscles to see something clearly at all.

at the cinema

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