15. November 2011

Can detached news and touching truths make the Economist heat?

The following was sent to the Economist as a “Letter to the editor”, but left with no response:

The Economist seems to withhold valuable information and prefers to print-out news rephrased for some unknown cause. The Federal Reserve Bank (see your comments in last issue on Business this week) has been a privately owned and run bank, since its founding more than 100 years ago.  It prints money  and charges interest for self-serving purposes.  A full research can be found in its documentary “The Money Masters”, a simple plain documentary – for some naïve for others hurting for others revealing and still for others, insane.

It is insane, our world and to what extent our own species has evolved out of it, on this fragile planet.  Emotions may be fulfilling and essential to human development, but it has been at a huge cost, if not huge sacrifice to nature.  We visit friends across the earth to feed our emotions, we make children to respect our emotions and honour our egos, we buy homes, cars, clothes, all sorts of materials to feed our emotions, we never think twice whilst buying great things at highest cost to our environment in its production and to the space its end product utilizes, because we are fulfilling our emotions to keep sane.  So what is wrong with insanity?

The economist seems to be a bought paper and telling all but the real and troubling truths which are necessary to know but uneasy to take.  At our pace of living with our so touchy emotions, life for us humans on earth will become useless for the money we’ve made by keeping to our soothing lies of profits from those feeding us some worthless printed notes of never to be paid back debts.

Be brave now to speak the truth and research the facts.  The Economist need not enslave themselves, but rather keep to its very first committment of existence – the committment each one of us carries to our grave and our last bit of energy may bring to space.


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