27. September 2011

Finanzkrise: Obama gibt Europäern die Schuld / The Car without steering and brakes

Finanzkrise: Obama gibt Europäern die Schuld US-Präsident Barack Obama hat den Schuldigen für die weltweit kriselnde Finanzmärkte gefunden: Europa. Die EU habe sich nie von der Krise 2007 erholt und das Bankensystem nicht unter Kontrolle. US-Präsident Barack Obama hat den EU-Staaten vorgeworfen..

Bernard Lietaer or better said, “The Car without steering and brakes”

How quickly one learns to deal with power of the supreme, just put the blame on others and look beyond your melting shores.  The Russian Finance Minister quits his post, as he can no longer support his financial vision on sustainable funding into education and community development.  Those not agreeing can leave and leave the wealth matters to a “wacky” few in charge of military and extended earth plunder profiteering.  The speer thrown around the globe to hit off those standing in our way, hits our selves at the most vulnerable milky flesh our bosoms have had to suckle yet – the balls of glee.  Hey, wake up you greedy drunks, this is all one earth and each one of us is responsible what we make of it.  Eat less, shop smart (know where it is coming from and how it was produced and who actually sews my suit), fly my mind, drive my heart and learn to live in appreciation of our earth.  I wonder how some “man” would walk around with his “bullish steer” cut out and left to heal as chance might give?



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