Juni 2, 2016

Green Financial dictionary

1. Interest rate is what you earn from your own money and what it costs others to work with it, sometimes it is guaranteed – the world around us, may not respect such man-made intentions, but it’s a good target

2. Surplus earnings are wishful and thoughtful whilst taking active care along the way yourself – there are services included for this care; you need to ask for it. If you do not understand your investment, even after having asked for more description, do not buy it.

3. Be careful when it seems too smart and the wording too sophisticated, if you don’t understand it, there are usually great reasons for this.

4. short term satisfaction, keep it ultra-conservative

5. long-term pleasure, let it grow

6. support local markets to support your own needs

7. Fokus up Madra-Codex for a standard of living upon Planet Earth