Juni 8, 2016



Okay, I am ready to make a commitment for myself to change for the better – making myself an asset to my environment, but I don’t know where to start? Want help, let me know where you are standing and we will get us rolling together  / changing your office procedures or manufacturing plant or just your household habit, send me your quest with a hit on the right.

Ethic Enterprising

Gogofish optimizes your business processes, aiming for a fully ecological business enter- prise. Ethical Enterprising exists as an envi- ronmental research databank, it can display costs which may be minimized and changed to more sustainable and economic develop- ments.

Ethic Partnership

Gogofish is symbolic for highest quality B2B consultation as its target market. Valuable business contacts, as well as spanned cross-industry engagements, build the foundation for enduring cooperations with integrity and trust as a unifying currency. Are you looking for a trustworthy partner fitting your needs and requirement? We can establish this connection and consult you during your start-up stage, or at times of restructuring, on all areas of financial concern.

Ethic Investment

You wish to invest – in accordance with the well-being of your community? Gogofish ethical investments guarantee the most possible sustainability aspects within options of investment. We choose our portfolios driven out of our truest and manifested belief: AS GREEN AS POSSIBLE. The Madra-Codex is initiating with the CO2 Index and in preference to global transparancy.