24. July 2010


PROJECT LIFE – “Sustainability is Common Knowledge”

The road to a postindustrial society triggers a profound change at all levels of the human existence. Information and guidelines on the “how” this challenge may best be taken,  are becoming all the more meaningful.

“How to deal with one another economically”.

“How we want to treat our environment.”

“How we wish to attend to each other.”

PROJECT LIFE is created out of a single reason:

We wish to extend the knowledge about sustainable living WITH the planet earth, amongst the people and make it easily accessible all over the world.

PROJECT LIFE will be launched on July 11, Juli 2010 and ends on 12/21/2012, upon its completion a documentary film will be presented. PROJECT LIFE is an international, unifying project and is itself the manifestation of a form of work for the future. The partners of PROJECT LIFE have found each other on a social network, use the new media in their daily work and come from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


WOHOFSKY Journalist/Geographer – challenging the true world. Wohofsky Journalist Geographer – challenging the true world.

Gogofish – We make money green. – sustaining within the cyber-world

As a supporter you are also taking part of the objectives of PROJECT LIFE. Our mutual endeavor is aimed for a sustainable world full of respect for the gifts of this planet, for an economy based on human dignity, for a peaceful and equitable coexistence among all civilizations on earth. By joining us, you are in the procurement of the reporting on concrete solutions of world-wide challenges faced today, an economy based on “green money” and a free and democratic Internet, all becoming true in reality.

How we will do it

Wohofsky journalist travels throughout the world and reports on sustainable initiatives on the scene via live stream, video, text and image reports, blog and audio streams. When possible, she works directly involved with the project; and thus, guarantees for the best possible authenticity. PROJECT LIFE is advertised by the reports itself, and through media exposure at the site of research and through presentations towards its citizens in Central Europe.

Gogofish is the hub of global knowledge about companies, projects and ideas around sustainability for a virtuous and worthy life on this earth.  It provides a climate barometer to be able to measure our globally engaged deeds.  PROJECT LIFE is directly integrated to Gogofish and organizes the presentation of events, as well as offering active participation for citizens in Central Europe. By transferring conventional portfolios into green sustainable portfolios, we are in the midst of making human-kind a direct part of nature.

What’s in the deal for you

You earn green financial returns, but also a philanthropic “ideal” investment for your company and your children. You benefit from the knowledge on the “Gogofish” Platform, plus making new contacts into a world of sustainable life-giving economy. Your offers, or services, will receive international recognition within the global reporting process. You secure yourself a good feeling of being a part of this “green” and entertaining community.

What we guarantee

Global distribution of knowledge for a sustainable and livable world

Cooperation with scientists and organizations for sustainability at all levels

Publication of reports in English and German

PFOJECT LIFE works itself with green energy and sustainable solutions to whatever extent possible.

Let’s get started!

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