31. December 2011

Can Rumba legs stretch my speech?

Words misunderstood may lead to white knuckles around sturdy clenched fists and outbursts of sovereign cry, but a long stretched-out stride on shiny floors in reach for another inner thigh, will always make her give the knee bent out with pride.

I have started to take more serious Rumba lessons and find the connection to understanding better the culture of other lands, in leaving out the words whilst allowing the parquet to transmit the moves, to transmit the movement, to transmit the motivation I choose well.  There are many ways to learn, find your rhythm and practice until it hurts.  To become the expert within myself, comes first to seeing the expert in others and realising no experts exist but in your head – the masters know all but nothing to the novice who has it all – a head of him.

Rumba one step at a time

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