20. September 2011

The Journey of our Trash

I live close to a beautiful lake here in Zurich and for most of my concerns, believe to be drinking one of the purest waters available in a “civilized” land.  When the nights get long and the party mood is slowly drowning away, the gadgets in color and disguise come high and low and finally are left to the ground at play.  That very evening or early morning these items often turned loose to the winds, slide solemnly into the open waters unspoken to trash cans aside.  These, the little ones, come in innocently; the carts and the bikes and toilets and tires none too less are thrown in too, but these, the big ones, are all intentional – just for fun.

For this fun, it is hard to suppress or discourage at least, but for the little ones I walk far to find its well stored-up place.

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