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Interactive Dance Theater: “Tango & Emotionen”

The challenge for our men who do not want to dance, is the complexity of the dance itself. As differs from former times, there are now plenty of options open for men to find a woman as a partner, other than through dancing. Perhaps they are too attractive, or have lazy inclinations, or feel their shame too strongly for disclosing some inefficiencies of not yet utilized dance skills. Of course, also women feel this shame while learning, but their commitment to the dance seems to over way any of these setbacks.  The urge to dance seems to be embedded in a woman’s DNS 😊, actually also in men’s.

As a result of few dancing men around our community who may also come in question as a real-life partner, a woman often chooses a dance partner along her assortment of male friends. When this option is not possible, many women go dancing alone on good luck of finding what is available at the moment. To challenge this mode of an abundance of beautiful dancing women, this interactive dance show has been created.

In this play a generous non-dancing king, has organized this wonderful “Milonga” especially for his gifted dance enthusiasts. His trusted people fully enjoy the pleasures of this magical dance. To enhance this enchanted atmosphere, the King has invited a couple of talented tango dancers and a sword-dancing Amazon, whom he will meet for the very first time this evening.

In the course of this evening, the audience will take witness of a crime. The Amazon, a thief, a faithful servant of the King and the King himself, are left to be seen in their turmoil of emotions. Till the very end of this story, participants are welcomed to actively join in and share its thrilling anticipation. Men who have not yet been able to swing their sexy legs are given the opportunity to take part and learn this dance from step one.