10. December 2011

War on Corruption

If war is the trigger to “success” in modern times, going on as long as man has walked upright on this earth, what better way than to call it this the same.  It is actually, “War on Kings of Corruption” to put force accurately where its origins may be found.  The objectives of Tavistock, to keep us disengaged and more, reflected well in daily life inside and outside our homes, need first be combated constructively.  The key is to unite globally, as the Kings have done dynamically and traditionally for as long as history has taken notice.  The next is an unconditional committment and trust in oneself.  The next is to boycott all the Kings have produced and to stop payments for that already bought and used in.  Leave the debts to the Bauers and the Land to the People.

Call it “War on Corruption” first, the next I know not, now!

War on Corruption

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    The tree of liberty occasionally requires watering with the blood of tyrants and patriots gold price chart

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  3. qoute: The key is to unite globally

    Our intentions at TIP as well. Your writing is refreshing. Our continued collaboration is most desired my friend.

  4. Hi Ellen,
    Happy New Year!
    I like your style and viewpoint.
    Re some comments – I have received many on my site which are promoting their own agendas. Sometimes their comments are entirely irrelevant, but usually heaping praise. Praise might well be due, but if there is an ulterior motive it might not be genuine,
    In my case I occasionally allow one through if it has something to say, usually deleting the reference to their website, if they haven’t presented a personal name or or username.
    My wordpress filter process usually labels them ‘spam’.
    Most of them I divert to trash bin.
    I believe the senders are referred to as trolls.

    Very best regards, Ken McMurtrie

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